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10th Irene Kelly Book

Disturbance finds Irene facing an old enemy: serial killer Nick Parrish, last seen in Bones, has recovered from his injuries, and has vowed to have revenge. Others dismiss her fears by reminding her he's in prison, but Irene finds little reassurance in that. He's connected to the outside world through an online group of misguided fans that calls itself The Moths.

They seem intent on disturbing her peace of mind, playing unnerving tricks. But matters take a darker turn when the frozen body of a young woman is found in the trunk of a car parked near Irene's home. The corpse is has been painted—decorated with moths. She won't be the only calling card Parrish's helpers leave for Irene.

Irene has other upheaval to contend with. The newspaper where she has worked most of her adult life is shutting down. Being a reporter has been more than a job—it has been a bone-deep part of her identity. Reporting for the Express was the work she dreamed of doing from childhood, a career in which she excelled, and telling the stories of her community has brought her satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

She's tough and resilient, but this is a blow that leaves more than a bruise. Can she reinvent herself, or even find the will to do so?

Nick Parrish may not give her time to answer that question. He's back. And he's not alone.

Disturbance was nominated for a Golden Nugget Award by Left Coast Crime 2012. The award is given for the best mystery novel set in California.
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"Burke is among the most reliable performers in the thriller genre and has the awards—MWA's Edgar for one—to prove it. She's in top form with this shrewd blending of nightmarish suspense and taut police procedural."
   —San Diego Union-Tribune

"Tautly written and suspenseful... Irene [is] a strong, likable protagonist."

"Suspense maestro Burke brings back both her intrepid reporter heroine Irene Kelly and one of the most disturbing villains she has ever faced: monstrous serial killer Nick Parrish, who went to prison in Burke's 1999 release, Bones. Featuring a killer whose diabolical plans are laid out years in advance, this chilling novel is rife with terror and suspense. Another keeper for the shelf!"
   —RT Booklovers (4 1/2 Stars—Top Pick!)

"It doesn't get more suspenseful than this superb thriller."
   —Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Burke is the type of author who ends each chapter with something so important it's almost impossible to not read on to the next chapter... then the next. So I'd say, ok, I'll read until noon, right when this chapter ends. Next thing I know it's 1 pm and I say, 'Dang you, Jan Burke!' (That's one of them backhanded compliments.)
"But seriously this book continues to demonstrate what makes her good—some great plot twists, most of which I can't go into without providing spoilers so let's suffice to say that when you think you know what's about to happen chances are good you are completely wrong."
   —Seattle Post-Intelligencer