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A Frank Harriman Book

A family is found murdered. In a cruel twist, one of the Las Piernas Police Department's own detectives is suspected of killing the only witness. When that detective disappears, a crime boss goes free. And the LPPD is forever changed.

The killer is brilliant. He knows how the police work. He has his own ideas about justice and the way it should be delivered.

Called in to investigate the wreckage of the missing detective's plane, Frank Harriman is given a set of cold cases that have suddenly become white hot. Harriman's conviction that the LPPD tagged the wrong murder suspect is not only wildly unpopular, it is also disregarded. Alone, his instincts and integrity questioned at every turn, Harriman must race against the clock to find the real killer before hundreds of more lives are lost, including Frank's own.

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"If you haven't read Jan Burke's latest, you better buckle up, my friend! Flight is fueled by suspense that will keep you clinging to your arm rests from beginning to end."
   —Sue Grafton

"Jan Burke. What on earth could she write to follow Bones, a chiller's chiller that won the 2000 Edgar Award? She succeeds admirably with Flight. Jan Burke and Irene Kelly always delight. Miss Burke is a craftsman, using care and imagination to craft a plot that unites disparate parts of two crimes spanning decades into a totally satisfying whole. Irene Kelly and Frank Harriman are as real as your next-door neighbors and even the lesser characters are rounded and real, right down to the guinea pig named My Dog."
   —The Washington Times

"Flight is superb and demonstrates again why the Edgar® Award winner Burke is one of America's preeminent crime novelists."

"Flight is outstanding—perhaps Jan Burke's best book yet....What a wonderful surprising book...this story is incredibly well-conceived and expertly written. I hope Jan Burke enjoys writing in Frank Harriman's voice, because I'd love to hear from him again—soon."
   —The Mystery News

"Fans of the Irene Kelly series should know that Flight is told from the perspective of Harriman, Kelly's husband, with Kelly as a supporting player. This book will whet the appetite of those who have never read any of this series. Start at the beginning with Goodnight, Irene. Highly recommended."
   —Library Journal

"Burke, drawing on a range of criminology and forensic experts (including a "cadaver dog"), paints an intriguing case for Harriman. Burke's critics say her strength lies in detail and unrelenting suspense, both of which pervade Flight."
   —The Ottawa Citizen

"Jan Burke, a skillful storyteller, comes up with a suspenseful plot that melds past and present, complex characters, and surprises galore."
   —San Diego Union-Tribune

"Flight shows an author at the top of her form."
   —Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

"Flight is every bit the masterpiece any reader could hope for. ...Definitely another award-worthy effort from one of the most accomplished writers in the genre."
   —About.com Mystery Reviews

"Flight has a harder edge than some of Burke's other books, and it is exceptionally well-written. Highly recommended."
   —Writers Write

"A block-buster novel."
   —The Snooper

"Flight deserves your full attention."
   —Meritorious Mysteries