jan burke
jan burke

Goodnight, Irene


1st Irene Kelly Book

Irene's best friend O'Connor is dead—murdered at his own front door...and all because of an unsolved, three-decades-old murder the blustery, big-hearted newspaperman wouldn't let rest in peace.

Once Irene Kelly gave up journalism for public relations. Now the sudden, brutal death of her mentor is pulling her back to the news desk. But the search for O'Connor's killer may prove fatal for the intrepid reborn reporter. Because a savagely murdered "Jane Doe" corpse from thirty years ago is pointing the way into a lethal maze of blood and politics. And in the blink of any eye it could be "Goodnight, Irene"...forever.

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"One of this year's top ten mysteries! A thumbs-up plot, involved but logically linked. Burke is a skillful pilot as she deftly moves her story forward, supplying plenty of no-holds-barred action and investigative ingenuity. Goodnight, Irene? Welcome series!"
   —Orange County Register

"Exciting debut mystery . . . she writes with remarkable sensitivity about the physical and spiritual reactions of people terrorized by cold-blooded killers."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Goodnight, Irene is refreshingly free of the various affectations that afflict many who would follow where Raymond Chandler led. Kelly has a lot of appeal. . . a very promising debut."
   —Associated Press

"Jan Burke's first novel is a well-crafted, entertaining book that bids fair to put her name up high on the list of hotly collected female mystery writers. Burke paces her story beautifully."

"Mysteries by female authors with female protagonists abound these days, and many are good. Burke's is one of the best. The plot is believable, the writing is excellent...."
   —Columbia Missourian

"Burke is off to a very promising start. . . tense and explosive."
   —Los Angeles Times

"[Starred review] Readers who want non-stop action, a diabolically clever plot and spare dialogue, and a heroine who's a combination of Nancy Drew, Katherine Hepburn, Lois Lane and Lauren Bacall should snap up Goodnight, Irene at the first opportunity."

"A powerful debut novel. Burke packs a lot of punch into Irene's tough-minded search for her friend's killer."
   —Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine