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6th Irene Kelly Book

Investigative reporting has its hazards, but trouble hits home for Irene Kelly when her estranged aunt is murdered—and Irene becomes the leading suspect.  With the police hot on her trail, Irene sets out to find her cousin Travis, her dead aunt's son, convinced he's the next target.  But when Irene finds Travis, a camper-driving children's storyteller with suspiciously deep pockets, things blow up—literally.  It takes several brushes with death, staying one step ahead of the law, and a few not-so-sweet reunions for Irene to untangle a complex web of family secrets and long-held grudges, and discover just who is killing off the Kelly clan—and why.

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"Reporter Irene Kelly finds her pugnacity and doggedness invaluable when she plunges in to solve a 14-year-old homicide.  But, as this immediately gripping Los Angeles-based mystery quickly makes clear, her guile, street-smarts, compassion and quick wit are also required."
   —Publishers Weekly

"With each succeeding book, Burke has raised the emotional ante, and in her sixth,  LIAR, the strong-willed but sensitive Irene faces more family crises than those of the Kennedy clan . . . Burke, a witty and resourceful writer, obviously enjoys shaking her protagonist's family tree.  Readers should be just as happy over the suspenseful and surprising fallout."
   —Los Angeles Times

"This is the best Kelly adventure to date."
   —St. Petersburg Times

"When Jan Burke began her Irene Kelly mystery series, it was favorably compared to those crafted by successful authors like Sue Grafton.  But Burke has never been a copycat. She has her own style, her own characters, and she's getting better with each book.  Burke can create truly terrifying situations and make the reader care about their outcome."
   —The Colorado Springs Gazette

"Well-paced and well-written with humor and truth, LIAR allows Burke and Irene to explore the nature of family and friendship; protection, manipulation and control; honesty, lies and secrets; and pride and love. The story moves, not only in terms of pace and suspense, but also in terms of emotional response.  You won't want to put the book down, so resign yourself to losing a night of sleep."
   —Mostly Murder