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The bodies of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted fugitives are showing up in Los Angeles County.

The public is hailing the unknown killers as heroes, but homicide detective Alex Brandon worries that worse is to come from a group that is taking justice into its own hands—vigilantes with money, know-how, and inside information.

The murders also have eerie similarities to ones investigated by Brandon ten years ago. The serial killer can't be the same one—that man died at the hands of his teenaged stepson, Kit Logan. Logan spent years being brutally dominated by his stepfather. Protected by his wealthy family, Logan never spent a day in jail for his revenge. He was sent to a private reform school in Malibu, a school for the worst-behaved sons of L.A.'s most affluent—the brats of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Brentwood. Logan's now in control of the family fortune but is he manipulating law enforcement—and Brandon in particular—as well?

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"The trail of clues is enticingly murky, but Burke paints her characters, especially her villains, with fine brush strokes, and her scene setting is impeccable. Nine is a deviant, often bloody dash through the killing fields of Burke's richly imagined Los Angeles. Bottom line: Almost a 10."
   —People Magazine

"Award-winning mystery author Jan Burke takes a break from her Irene Kelly series to test the waters of stand-alone mainstream thrillers and proves she can swim with the sharks in Nine (S&S), a tale of vigilante justice. Burke does an excellent job with her diverse, bustling cast providing plenty of background without short-changing the absorbing and inventive plot."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Nine is a perfect 10—a gripping story, filled with memorable characters, about rich, neglectful parents, lost souls and redemption."
   —Orlando Sentinel

"Edgar-winning author Jan Burke reaches into the heart of contemporary issues with her first-rate thriller Nine. Vigilantism seems an ever more appealing option as the news pages fill with stories of terrorists, snipers and thugs. But Nine gives a multifaceted look at vigilantism. And Burke is too intelligent a writer to wrap Nine around only one issue. Instead the author builds a multilayered, complex story of culpability, justice, revenge and the ability to survive against all odds.
   Burke long ago established a reputation for creating realistic, three-dimensional characters in her eight novels featuring reporter Irene Kelly (Liar, Bones, Flight). Burke's skills shine even brighter in this first stand-alone thriller in which she pulls together more than a dozen well-developed characters in a cohesive plot that never lags.
   ...The consummate storyteller Burke ratchets up the suspense as she offers the perfect melding of characters and plot in the enthralling Nine."
   —Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale)