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jan burke


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Six mini-anthologies are available, each with a new short story and three stories from Eighteen. They are 1.99 each and currently only available as Pocket Star ebooks.

CAUGHT-RED HANDED includes "The Privileged," featuring Frank Harriman as a rookie officer, fresh out of the academy and into trouble.

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APPREHENDED includes "The Unacknowledged," featuring Irene Kelly as a young journalism student just learning the ropes.

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TRIED includes "Little Birds," featuring Tyler Hawthorne and his cemetery dog Shade, from The Messenger, and is set in 1871. A late night stroll through a famous cemetery is interrupted the arrival by a flock of small, strange birds that are not what they seem to be.

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CONVICTED includes "The Anchorwoman," Irene is a journalism student who hears a comically odd story from someone she knew in high school—a story that Irene comes to believe is no laughing matter.

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JUSTICE DONE includes "The Quarry," a story that brings back Bunny Slye, the master sleuth last seen in "The Imitator." Set in the years just after World War I, "shell-shocked" Bunny Slye and his friends Aloysius Hanslow and Dr. Max Tyndale are called upon by the local sheriff to investigate the death of a disliked neighbor—and the disappearance of two of his servants.

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CASE CLOSED includes "The Last Place You Look," in which rookie Frank Harriman decides to listen to a "crank" the department has ignored for years—with unexpected results in a missing person case.

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Jan's stories, listed in order of initial publication, include:

"The Last Place You Look," a Frank Harriman short story, in the ebook story collection Justice Done.

"The Quarry," a Bunny Slye short story, in the ebook story collection Case Closed.

"The Anchorwoman," an Irene Kelly short story, in the ebook story collection Convicted.

"Little Birds," a Tyler Hawthorne and Shade short story, in the ebook story collection, Tried.

"Stepping into the Dead Zone," in Games Creatures Play, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner.

"The Privileged," a Frank Harriman short story in the ebook story collection Caught Red-Handed.

"The Amiable Miss Edith Montague," Mystery Writers of America Presents The Mystery Box, edited by Brad Meltzer.

"The Imitator," A Study in Sherlock: Stories Inspired by the Sherlock Holmes Canon, edited by Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger

"The Fallen," Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

"Zuppa Inglese," Murder at the Racetrack, edited by Otto Penzler

"Lost and Found," Creature Cozies, edited by Jill Morgan

"Call it Macaroni," Murder Most Crafty, edited by Maggie Bruce (aka Marilyn Wallace)

"Devotion," originally published in Eighteen

"The Mouse," originally published in Eighteen

"The Abbey Ghosts," Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

"The Haunting of Carrick Hollow" written with Paul Sledzik, Crime Through Time III: Historical Mystery Short Stories, edited by Sharan Newman and Miriam Grace Monfredo

"The Man in the Civil Suit," Malice Domestic 9, Introduced by Joan Hess

"An Unsuspected Condition of the Heart," Irreconcilable Differences, edited by Lia Matera

"Miscalculation," Death Cruise: Crime Stories on the Open Seas, edited by Lawerence Block

"A Man of My Stature," Crime Through Time II: Historical Mystery Short Stories, edited by Miriam Grace Monfredo and Sharan Newman, presented by Lady Antonia Fraser

"Two Bits," Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

"A Fine Set of Teeth," A.S.A.P. Publishing and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

"Mea Culpa," Malice Domestic 6, edited by Elizabeth Foxwell and presented by Anne Perry

"White Trash," Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

"The Muse," Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

"Unharmed," Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and A.S.A.P. Publishing

"Ghost of a Chance," Red Herring Mystery Magazine

"Revised Endings," Viva (Dutch language magazine) and Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine

"Why Tonight?," Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

"Sub rosa" ("The Loveseat"), Spannen Gebundeld, 1993, Dutch language suspense anthology published by Bruna/Meulenhoff.